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Largest places in Democratic Republic of the Congo

The largest cities and places in Democratic Republic of the Congo at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Largest places in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Aketi Aketi1.Eastern Province Eastern Province35,161
Bandundu Bandundu2.Bandundu Bandundu118,211
Basoko Basoko3.Eastern Province Eastern Province43,709
Beni Beni4.Nord Kivu Nord Kivu89,648
Boende Boende5.Equateur Équateur32,091
Bolobo Bolobo6.Bandundu Bandundu27,862
Bondo Bondo7.Eastern Province Eastern Province17,860
Bongandanga Bongandanga8.Equateur Équateur4,105
Bosobolo Bosobolo9.Equateur Équateur14,553
Bukama Bukama10.Katanga Katanga38,770
Bukavu Bukavu11.South Kivu South Kivu225,389
Bulungu Bulungu12.Bandundu Bandundu48,344
Bumba Bumba13.Equateur Équateur95,520
Bunia Bunia14.Eastern Province Eastern Province96,764
Businga Businga15.Equateur Équateur28,919
Buta Buta16.Eastern Province Eastern Province50,130
Butembo Butembo17.Nord Kivu Nord Kivu154,621
Demba Demba18.Kasai-Occidental Kasaï-Occidental22,263
Gandajika Gandajika19.Kasai-Oriental Kasaï-Oriental154,425
Gbadolite Gbadolite20.Equateur Équateur50,493
Gemena Gemena21.Equateur Équateur117,639
Goma Goma22.Nord Kivu Nord Kivu144,124
Ilebo Ilebo23.Kasai-Occidental Kasaï-Occidental107,093
Inongo Inongo24.Bandundu Bandundu40,113
Isiro Isiro25.Eastern Province Eastern Province127,076
Kabalo Kabalo26.Katanga Katanga29,833
Kabare Kabare27.South Kivu South Kivu37,034
Kabinda Kabinda28.Kasai-Oriental Kasaï-Oriental59,004
Kalemie Kalemie29.Katanga Katanga146,974
Kambove Kambove30.Katanga Katanga36,702
Kamina Kamina31.Katanga Katanga73,557
Kampene Kampene32.Maniema Maniema37,034
Kananga Kananga33.Kasai-Occidental Kasaï-Occidental463,546
Kasangulu Kasangulu34.Bas-Congo Bas-Congo27,961
Kasongo Kasongo35.Maniema Maniema55,118
Kasongo-Lunda Kasongo-Lunda36.Bandundu Bandundu20,060
Kikwit Kikwit37.Bandundu Bandundu186,991
Kindu Kindu38.Maniema Maniema135,698
Kinshasa Kinshasa39.Kinshasa Kinshasa7,785,965
Kipushi Kipushi40.Katanga Katanga62,332
Kisangani Kisangani41.Eastern Province Eastern Province539,158
Kolwezi Kolwezi42.Katanga Katanga418,000
Kongolo Kongolo43.Katanga Katanga31,943
Libenge Libenge44.Equateur Équateur27,053
Likasi Likasi45.Katanga Katanga422,414
Lisala Lisala46.Equateur Équateur70,087
Lodja Lodja47.Kasai-Oriental Kasaï-Oriental68,244
Lubao Lubao48.Kasai-Oriental Kasaï-Oriental43,068
Lubumbashi Lubumbashi49.Katanga Katanga1,373,770
Luebo Luebo50.Kasai-Occidental Kasaï-Occidental35,183

1 - 50 of 69 places
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